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David Zid

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Owner and president of David Zid HealthWorks, a personal training company that I started in 1999.  As an energetic coach for hundreds of clients and other personal trainers, I have developed a special interest in the older adult client, and now the Parkinson’s client. 

My focus on Parkinson’s disease clients has been very rewarding.  Currently, I value the time I spend as the leader and creator of Delay the Disease — group exercise classes specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s disease.  I am the author of the book and corresponding DVD Delay the Disease – Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease. My newest book/DVD Delay the Disease – Functional Fitness for Parkinson’s are short exercise agendas that are based on a functional task that may be challenging to the Parkinson’s individual (i.e., freezing, getting out of the car, getting out of bed, getting off the floor).

I also participated in the creation of an instructional certification course for Delay the Disease, targeting healthcare professionals.  It is an evidenced-based program with detailed information on starting a community-based Parkinson’s-specific exercise program, as well as a “train the trainer” component that instructs techniques for teaching and creating the exercise programs.

I have an ongoing interest in Parkinson’s research and have recently published a study in Parkinsonism and Related Disorders entitled, “Effects of a formal exercise program on Parkinson’s disease: A pilot study using a delayed start design.” Additional information about my work with Parkinson’s patients is available on the Delay the Disease website at www.delaythedisease.com.

  • Graduate of the Ohio State University

  • Professional Fitness instructor in Columbus, Ohio since 1997

  • Certified through ACE and APG as a personal trainer and functional fitness trainer

  • Currently the Director for Movement Disorders and Musculoskeletal Wellness at OhioHealth Delay the Disease