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NEW Total Healthworks exercise program created by David Zid delivers life-changing body & brain training essential to people over 50

As a Boomer, you’ve rewritten the old rules your whole life. Now, you want to redefine aging by living longer, stronger and more in control of your health.  At David Zid Total Healthworks, we exist to help you meet your health and fitness aspirations.

David Zid Total Healthworks has provided personal training and fitness solutions to people over 50 for more than two decades.  We’re the creators of Delay the Disease, the #1 Parkinson’s exercise program, and the Totally Pain Free Hip & Knee™ workout for post-surgical joint replacement strengthening and fitness.

Whether your goal is to work longer, control your blood pressure or sugar, improve your golf game, run your first (or 50th) marathon, embrace yoga, hike Yosemite, keep up with grandchildren, or other active pursuits, we’ll help you achieve the fitness levels you need to stay physically active and personally fulfilled at any age. 

Let's do this!